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On Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:10:03 PST8PDT 
maddog <maddog at best.com> wrote:
> J C Lawrence wrote:

>> I'm curious:
>> Why do you consider that NPC's, even complex NPC's would have more
>> code backing them than player characters?

> I believe that really complex NPCs or bots will not be mud
> resident.  

I suspect you're right here -- the NIH tendency is *way* too large, as 
are the server and interface abstraction benefits.

> They will be some variation of julia/colins.  In fact at
> least one MOO NPC is a modfied colin and there have been a few other
> colins sprinkled around some other muds.  Unfortunately I got some
> of the MOO colins going by making available my version called
> madborg.  It wasn't until I tried to interface madborg to a database
> server that I realized he had a fatal flaw.

Care to expoand on this?  I, and I'm sure several other here, are
interested in the flaws and your experiences.

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