[MUD-Dev] META: membership (was a fruitful exchange on classlessness in r.g.m.admin)

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Thu Apr 9 22:44:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On 09/04/98 at 06:38 PM, Ben Greear <greear at cyberhighway.net> said:

>Then again, might it just be better to envite the good apples over to
>this list?  

That is exactly the intention of giving y'all the power to invite others
to the list: that you'd note and find people you think would do well on
the list and invite the,  How else do you think *you* ended up here? 
Someone noticed you...

>Is Holly on here?  She has been around for years and remained
>relatively sane :)

Nope.  She's knew to me.  If you think she'd be a good list member, then
invite her!

>If we go public on the list, then cross-posting might allow the best of
>both worlds:  good thoughtful content on this one, and perhaps a
>rejuvination of thought on rgma.

My own views are oft stated on this area: the field can't yet fruitfully
support two seperate venues without signifcant loss; if we do leave Usenet
as-is as the main active forum the field is going to die, guaranteed,
within 5 years (probably less); and I don't think Usenet is worth saving
or working with (yet).  Unfortunately that leaves me with a me vs Usenet
problem hidden by a thin veneer of trite civility.  <shrug>  I'm just this
guy with an agenda, ya know?

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