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Thu Apr 9 23:04:26 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

J C Lawrence wrote: 

>   On Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:10:03 PST8PDT 
>  maddog <maddog at best.com> wrote: 
>  >
>  > colins sprinkled around some other muds.  Unfortunately I got some 
>  > of the MOO colins going by making available my version called 
>  > madborg.  It wasn't until I tried to interface madborg to a database 
>  > server that I realized he had a fatal flaw. 

>  Care to expoand on this?  I, and I'm sure several other here, are 
>  interested in the flaws and your experiences. 

I made madborg available for download and  posted on how to 
hack colins to create a madborg that would work in MOO or Cold.  
The MOO/Cold madborg was stationary and everything worked fine.  

But for the db project I wanted madborg to be mobile so I turned on his 
room check code.  As soon as I did that, I found that saying "hello" would 
case him to core dump.  I also see that I tested him on MUX and apparently 
I was having the same problem.  I probably would have continued to work on 
him except for three reasons: 
	-I had to use cc instead of gcc or do a lot more code changes
 	-the code was difficult for me to understand in places 
 		and too many things were hardcoded
	-I discovered Joe Strout's python bot and 
		that became the new madborg

I think that julia/colins was a really fun bot in its time.  But I 
don't recommend that anyone today work with the old code.  


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