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Fri Apr 10 09:12:30 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

From: Finn Arne Gangstad <finnag at guardian.no>
Newsgroups: rec.games.mud.misc,alt.mud.programming
Subject: Development of new code base
Date: 16 Sep 1997 06:04:21 +0200

A new mudbase named ARGS has been under development for a while. The
development of this system has come so far that we think it's time to let
more people join the development process.

The mud-base has:
 o all code written totally from scratch
 o C++ core system
 o Java VM, all extensions (NPC behaviour etc) are written in java
 o a free for non-commercial use license

Currently ARGS is at a stage where:
 o you can log in and out on the console or via the net
 o you can talk, walk around, load mobiles and purge them
 o the mobiles have java code so they react to some of your actions

It runs on most modern unices, such as Linux, SunOS, AIX, IRIX, HP-UX
There are plans to port it win win32 as well, so it can be run under Win95
and NT.

Snapshots will be available from a read-only CVS-tree as well as ftp. If
you want to join the development drop me a mail at
finnag at guardian.no :)

- Finn Arne Gangstad

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