[MUD-Dev] META: membership (was a fruitful exchange on clas

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Sat Apr 11 02:37:14 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On 10 Apr 98 at 18:54, Ben Greear wrote:
> JC speaketh: 
> > 
> > My own views are oft stated on this area: the field can't yet fruitfully
> > support two seperate venues without signifcant loss; if we do leave Usenet
> > as-is as the main active forum the field is going to die, guaranteed,
> > within 5 years (probably less); and I don't think Usenet is worth saving
> > or working with (yet).  Unfortunately that leaves me with a me vs Usenet
> > problem hidden by a thin veneer of trite civility.  <shrug>  I'm just this
> > guy with an agenda, ya know?
> You've got a point, but I think that even just CC'ing this group's
> posts to RGMA might offer those who are looking for it a glimpse
> of civility and thought that they otherwise would not find.  AFAIK 
> RGMD and RGMA spawned many of us, I know it did me.

Occasionally some of us have reposted our own thoughts both here
and in rgm* but have carefully editted out all the list references 
and list member references out.    

> I'm not suggesting that we allow losers to post here as they wish
> however, they should have to pass some kind of minimal decency test :P

Truly.  Decency and civility are not spelled out in the FAQ.  But
if these had to be spelled out, wouldn't that be really sad for 
the list.  

> I still think it would be a shame to allow RGM* to die though..although
> I am at a loss as to how to save them from themselves...
A moderated newsgroup was suggested, however the reality of it ever
happening is about 0.1%  While a "save rgma" discussion is likely 
outside the scope of this list, I will agree that it happens to be a
primary source of new members and fresh ideas to this list.  So
utlimately at some level the fate of MDL and rgm* are inextricably 
linked. *shrug*    

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