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Matt Chatterley matt at
Sun Apr 12 02:06:34 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Recently I've been thinking about throwing together a new mud (partially
as a break from my long term project). This would be a 'brief' project to
assemble (in theory a few weeks to design and build, and then however long
is required maintaining and improve it, if I can be bothered with the
latter). Language of choice for construction would be LPC (MudOS), since I
know I can build a lib to do what I want with relative ease, and I can't
be bothered with the hassle of actually writing the server in Java.

Anyways, onto the interesting stuff:

I'm bored with spending lots of times developing characters, roleplaying,
and putting effort into muds to get a reward (enjoyment) back. I want
something more instant.. I want.. to.. BLOW STUFF UP! (Thats the basic
form of fun, right?)

Thusly I have the following in mind:

A PK-only game set in an arena which is randomly built each time a 'game'
starts. The only form of persistance in your character are the name
(basically the fact that the character exists), and your score (number of
kills, number of deaths, login time).

Weapons are strewn throughout the arena, players pick them up and use them
as they run around maiming and generally destroying each other. When a
player dies, his equipment held is randomly redistributed around the
arena, and the player is placed in a 'safe' room until they choose to
re-enter the game.

Players are given the option of joining one of several running teams
(colours? something more interesting?), or playing solo.

The size of the arena alters with number of logged in players, from a
minimum (5x5?) to a maximum (25x25?), adding approx 1x1 for every player,
to spread the action out a little.

The 'game' ends and the arena is recreated once each hour with a current
'winner' being named as the person with the most kills per death in that

Next, the setting. Several ideas occur at this moment in time:

1. Highlander - various weapons available - the time-period, and thus
style of kit, changes from game to game at random, and to 'kill' an
opponent, you must behead them (you become slightly more effective at
fighting for every kill until you die).

2. Modern - modern weaponry available, fairly straightforward.

3. Futuristic - cyberpunk style, perhaps?

4. Something else, even more bizarre, original, or downright peculiar.

Pondering tying this into a coordinate system, rather than standard
'rooms'. Unsure. Thoughts from the floor?

	-Matt Chatterley

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