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Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Mon Apr 13 12:18:43 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

In <URL:/archives/meow?group+local.muddev> on Sat 11 Apr, Vadim Tkachenko wrote:
> Marian Griffith wrote:

> > On Thu 09 Apr, Travis Casey wrote:
> > > On Thursday, 9 April 98, Vadim wrote:

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> > Mages of course could well have ways to ensure that expelled members
> > lose all knowledge of  (or at least the power required with)  skills
> > learned at the guild. Fighters could go to the extreme of removing a
> > hand  but in reality that was hardly necessary.  The real punishment
> > of being expelled from a guild was losing its backing.

> There's a subtle difference between being expelled from the guild and
> leaving it voluntarily - and it should be handled differently.

I wonder if the guild would be bothered by this subtle difference. They
might consider the difference irrelevant  and treat both situations the
same way.

> > > What if characters who left a guild could keep the powers gained, but
> > > were supposed to give up using them?  Those who didn't give them up
> > > would be considered to have defied the guild and become renegades.

> > Like you said, some skills are hard to give up upon leaving a guild.
> > Perhaps the guild would,  if the renegade keeps a high profile, hunt
> > down and permanently remove him.

> Now, this is a perfect idea. Let's just make it 'try' to permanently
> remove him, because, well, we all know about the mafia's rule - one
> dollar to step in, one hundred to step out - although, the rules may be
> different for different guilds...

Personally I am not so charmed by this idea, but then that has another
reason  and one that has no bearing on the discussion  so I will leave
that matter to rest.

> > > Of course, some sort of limits would be needed -- you probably
> > > wouldn't want a character to go around and learn the powers of all the
> > > different guilds.  Still, this could add an additional roleplaying
> > > dimension to a game.

> > The real need  is that guilds provide a more lasting service  to the
> > players than merely training them skills. Food, shelter, protection,
> > anything that a player can not forego  would do in this respect.

> By the way, this is another way to provide the 'safe area' - I wonder
> why nobody mentioned it before

Possibly because in most muds new players, the ones who mostly need that
safe area,  are typically the ones who are -not- in a class or guild. So
they would not benefit from the protection offered by a guild.

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