[MUD-Dev] META: membership

s001gmu at nova.wright.edu s001gmu at nova.wright.edu
Mon Apr 13 14:58:20 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Welcome aboard.  Your decoder ring and secret handshake instructions are
in the mail.  :)

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Holly Sommer wrote:

> On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Ben Greear wrote:

> > You've got a point, but I think that even just CC'ing this group's
> > posts to RGMA might offer those who are looking for it a glimpse
> > of civility and thought that they otherwise would not find.  AFAIK 
> > RGMD and RGMA spawned many of us, I know it did me.
> > 
> > I'm not suggesting that we allow losers to post here as they wish
> > however, they should have to pass some kind of minimal decency test :P
> > 
> > I still think it would be a shame to allow RGM* to die though..although
> > I am at a loss as to how to save them from themselves...
> My thoughts on this...

> I'll be the first one to admit that the content of a choice few folks on 
> rgmd and rgma drive me straight up the wall, and that it's a test of my 
> patience to not blurt out something dumb like "shut the &%($ up." But... 
> that's par for the course, wrt Usenet anymore.

I long ago gave up on reading RGMA or any other unmoderated group.  I
hardly have the time to keep up with this list, much less filter 90% of
the spam out of news to find a few nuggets to work over.  *shudder* I
dunno what I would be doing right now if I hadn't stumbled across the
list.  :)

> As for posting some things from this serv to Usenet... well, based on 
> past experience in similar situations, I'm not sure that's a good idea. 
> Some people will feel indignant - "hey, how come I've not been invited!? 
> *stamp* *pout* *scream*". Others will cry elitism - which, even if it is 
> true, doesn't bode well with the general (usenet) public. I view it as a 
> slight tease, but that's just MO, and I obviously have no moral qualms 
> about being a member of a... more selective group of conversationlists :)

As I mentioned above, I couldn't care less about RGMA.  At least, in it's
current, unmoderated form.  CC the list to it or not.  It matters little
to me.
> So... thanks for the invite :) I'm looking forward to the discussions 
> here. If anyone else is unfamiliar with me, I would be glad to provide a 
> little background (to the whole serv, if that's acceptable, or to 
> individual queries), just to let y'all know where I'm coming from.

That is part of the normal invite that he didn'a have to send to ya.  It
is customary (for the more active members, anyway) to send at least a
small blurb about who ya are and what projects you have worked on and/or
are currently working on.  The FAQ has a rather hefty section with most of
the active member's blurbs, for reference.

Again, welcome aboard.  :)


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