[MUD-Dev] META: Web site backgrounds and readability

Cimri nospam at gte.net
Tue Apr 14 12:21:46 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

J C Lawrence wrote:
> Writing as list owner:
>   <URL:http://www.kanga.nu/~petidomo/lists/mud-dev/>
>   As always, please don't publcise the URL or mail kanga.nu yet.
> We're not live yet.  RSN, but not yet.
>   How readable are the pages on *your* system with *your* browser?
> J C Lawrence                               Internet: claw at null.net

I'm all for losing the backgrounds and going with a solid color.
But on my machine at least (pc with diamond viper 330 24bit card,
15" display at 1024x768, netscape comm 4.0x) it is pretty readable.

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