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Vadim Tkachenko vt at freehold.crocodile.org
Tue Apr 14 23:34:18 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
> On 08:06 PM 4/14/98 +0000, I personally witnessed s001gmu at nova.wright.edu
> jumping up to say:
> >
> >One large problem to overcome is the players who wander over from other
> >muds and see no guilds.  The first thing they are going to do is call for
> >guilds, and push towards them.
> You know, in the AD&D system, at a certain level you start getting
> 'followers' and the ability to build a 'stronghold'. Maybe something like
> this could be ported over to MUDs; at a given level, you can build and
> 'own' some sort of personal construct within certain boundaries that would
> expand slightly as you rose in level. You could add special sorts of rooms
> at higher levels. Each of these things would cost something, probably
> really huge amounts of money or specific types of expensive items, and what
> you could build and own would change based on your
> race/class/skills/whatever and give some variety. I'm going to expand on
> this a little using the idea of a standard AD&D clone MUD with the 1-50
> level structure we all remember from Dikus.
> * At level 25, you can build a one-room house in any location you desire.
> Only you can enter this area, giving you a safe haven.
> * At level 30, you can add another room and place a magical guard on the
> front of the house that only lets certain types of people in.
> * At level 35, you can add another room and a single 'servant' -- merchant,
> healer, or messenger.
> * At 40, you get *two* more rooms and another servant. You can also now
> have a single bulletin board.
> * At 45, you get two more rooms and a third servant. You are now permitted
> to have a second bulletin board and a chat channel.
> * At 50, you get three more rooms (total of ten) and your own mail system
> headquartered in the house.
> Obviously, at any point after level 30, you can start a guild of some sort.
> At level 50, you can rival most guilds as they exist on the average MUD.
> Since these things are expensive as hell, just because you're *permitted*
> something doesn't mean you can HAVE it. There should be some sort of price
> list, and servants should probably draw a daily salary of some sort.

Hate to quote everything, but have to preserve the meaning - 

First of all, I was thinking about something like that before, just a
little different - there was a connection to link-dead players as well,
the idea was that every beginner gets his own alternate reality (read
Castle Amber by Zelazny) and as he gets more advanced, he'll be able to
create some alternative realities as well.

And the second notion, why, again, limit that with numbers 30, 40, 50,
etc...? Create a rule, which may be dynamic as well (and provide the way
to strip the player from his possession if he falls down...

> This is coming straight out of my butt, of course, so it may be a load of
> crap, but it's fresh so I can't tell whether it stinks yet.

It doesn't :-)

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