3D evaluation?

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Thu Apr 16 12:42:16 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

>From the XShipWars list...Anyone played with F-22?  Comments?
Evaluations?  Analysis of tehcniques used?

From: "Taura" <learfox at deltanet.com>
To: swd at dogstar.mit.edu
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:34:19 -0800
Subject: XShipWars: 3D Objects
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I downloaded a demo game from the net called F-22, after
playing with it I was amazed!  The graphics were all
photo realistic with the screen at atleast 640 by 480.

It *really* felt as if I were flying, it was *that* real.
I wish I could send you a screen shot but I don't know
how.   I can't run F-22 on a small window since its
not a Win95 program.

Anyways, the objects appeared to be mesh objects, each
mesh had 4 or 5 points and an associated image map.

The ground look a lot like a low-resolution of how POVRAY
uses greyscale .tga height fields.  But I'm not sure
since it had individual image maps it maybe the same way
the airplanes were textured.

   This is our competition so we need to find a way to beat
it :)  Which means when we're going to 3D we need a good
3D model format.


I've looked over .raw, it's size is huge but can be created on
just about any standard modeller... so since most commercial
modellers don't comform to standards, we're left with just a few :/
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