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J C Lawrence claw at
Thu Apr 16 14:08:46 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Writing as list owner:

  The archives are now searchable.  Please see:



    Most of the links that say "Search" on the other pages are broken.
Sorry.  Go to the page directly for now.

    Please beat on the search feature.  Try all the bells and
whistles.  It seems to work, and work consistently, but I haven't
stressed it or checked the details.  I had to give up on Wilma despite
its nice (and runtime cheap) use of Glimpse (tho I will be using
WebGlimpse for the site as a whole).

    You can use full perl-style regex'es.  See the help.  

    You can search across multiple periods.

    Not all archives are online YET.  In particular we are missing the
CC list days (may never appear), the archives for Wout's list are
woefully incompleat (I'm playing with message formats there -- please
check out and comment on the thread context blob at the bottom of each
message), none of the 1998 sections are online yet, and the archive
bundles (.tar.gz) are not online yet.  

    I'm not *entirely* happy with the masthead graphic for the search
page, tho it is growing on me.  

    Lambert:  You asked for it!

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