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>On Tuesday, April 14, 1998 12:25 PM J C Lawrence
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>>>On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 10:15:30 PST8PDT Koster,
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>>Do you have any tales of the form of Habitat's egg or other prized
>>tokens or recognition values that you could relate for UO?
>Ooof. Too many.
<<SNIP interesting stories>>
>There's a wide range of "tokens" here, of course. It also demonstrates
>the range of activities possible in UO. To be honest, I am somewhat
>disappointed in the lesser range of activities that our forthcoming
>competitors are trying to cover (probably because our ambition
>overreached our capability!).
>Hope that answers your question.

My son plays UO extensively. Now that he has "gotten into it", it is getting
quite interesting. Though a fan of text-based games, UO visuals offer some
very interesting sights that it would probablly be impossible in a
text-based environment.  Last night a few people on his server of choice
were selling dyed black clothes (apparently created using a bug
exploit/editor program, but thats another story). This color is not
available in the game normally. They were so popular it was like free beer
at a ball game. Finally the vendors (players) made the buyers line up in
orderly lines to wait for service. This was a great site, one which will
undoubtably show up on websites....

"So, for a while you saw the citizens of Ultima Online online."

My son had a blast.

John Bertoglio
 (The infamous poster of the thread "In Defense of Ultima Online" on the
pubic newsgroup)
CIO, paper.net

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