[MUD-Dev] Re: MAPPING: Creating a bitmaped graphic from map coordinates

J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Thu Apr 23 10:13:37 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:17:06 -0700 
John Bertoglio<alexb at internetcds.com> wrote:

> Here's the problem:

> We have a mud world with main grid of 1200 by 800 cells. Each of
> those = cells is stored in a database along with x,y coordinate
> information, cell = color, terrain type, etc. I have written a
> simple mapping function which maps = local areas using HTML
> tables. These work pretty well but since the minimum = size on a 17
> inch monitor is about a 1/4 inch square, it is not possible to
> render large areas or even consider the whole map.


> Here's what I need:

> I can write my data to any text configuration. 

Of course you *can*.  The question is whether you need to, and whether
there is a benefit to use either a text, binary, or other storage

First thought: I'd suggest dynamically generating .GIF's of the map
(perhaps even a single large .GIF covering the entire world), and then
exporting from that a sub-.GIF to the client for the segment he's
interested in.  The .GIF format is widely documetned, quite simple,
and has extensive libraries available for its manipulation.  PNG is
another (quite likely better) format.  JPEG would seem problemic.

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