[MUD-Dev] Teamwork

Ling K.L.Lo-94 at student.lboro.ac.uk
Thu Apr 23 16:56:18 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Take a look at Command & Conquer: Lone Survivor.  It's just like the usual
C&C except each player controls a singular military unit (I think that
includes infantry).  But, I don't know much of the details, like how
players come back from the dead and intra-team communication works.

A review I read had a gripe that the game involved teamwork (!).  The
bad review could be partially due to some game flaw or other and the
fact that the game was multiplayer *only*.

Going back to X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, their policy when making the game
was to have as much information as possible at the player's fingertips. 
Players could bookmark/reference other vehicles; get a complete list of
who is targetting who, with status of each ship; target enemies, closest
enemy, newly arrived ships, ship targeted by current target, ships
targetting current target; mission objectives; and refer to a nice map
(but time didn't stop so no one ever referenced the map).  I've yet to
find out how the game fares in internet multiplayer but I suspect it'll
work quite well (seeing as this was their prime aim). 

Tsk, teamwork.  At this rate, someone is gonna suggest muds oughta produce
well-rounded individuals. ;) 

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