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On 22 Apr 98 at 12:15, J C Lawrence wrote:
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Unfortunately there was little response to this.

Some clarification might be in order, if there's any interest.  

I don't believe that relational databases have any "inherent" 
superiority over other types of DBs.  Although I do believe the key 
features which many currently have, are important to event-driven 
persistent world simulations.  The only reason relational 
technology commonly contains these features is because it has been 
demanded in the commercial environment.  If those features become or 
are available via "homegrown" DBs, OO-DBMSs, persitent store 
mechanisms, or trans-mogrified xDBMs and xBASEs, then they are 
certainly suitable and appropriate.  Calculated and simulated 
persistence are also valid designs (cf. Nathan's Physmud++).  

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