[MUD-Dev] RE: Java for Mud Client (Crossfire MUD topic)

Justin McKinnerney xymox at toon.org
Mon Apr 27 02:33:14 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

> Original post by Dr. Cat
> Hmmm.  Some of the comments about making a local Java app ring true.  A
> browser might re-transfer all of the graphics every time you play,
> whereas downloading the app makes sure you have a local copy for
> good after the first download.

Actually, I am not aware if this is currently supported or if it's a
promiced feature of the upcoming Java update from Sun, but I know presistant
data is supposed to be a reality for applets soon, if not already.

In all honestly, Java would be rather useless in browsers outside of the
occational parlor trick without this ability.

(Goes back to sifting through last week's Mud-Dev messages)

	- Justin -

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