[MUD-Dev] Re: Java for Mud Client (Crossfire MUD topic)

Joel Dillon emily at cornholio.new.ox.ac.uk
Mon Apr 27 10:16:21 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

> Actually, I am not aware if this is currently supported or if it's a
> promiced feature of the upcoming Java update from Sun, but I know presistant
> data is supposed to be a reality for applets soon, if not already.
> In all honestly, Java would be rather useless in browsers outside of the
> occational parlor trick without this ability.

  Well, at work we handle persistence in applets by passing them their
identity (the name of their user or whatever) via an applet parameter and
sucking data from a server over a socket or jdbc connection. That's good
enough for our virtual conferencing system and presumably it'd be good
enough for a mud client as well. 


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