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> On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:
>> On Sun, 19 Apr 1998 08:11:53 PST8PDT Matt

>> cf The Running Man.

> Strangely, I was going to mention this in my previous post. This is
> the model I am now working towards. I always thought that film would
> have been more fun if they hadn't tied in the resistance/hero crap,
> and had just played out the game to the more 'normal' conclusion (or
> even to the team being the first ever to 'win').

They had the (dis)advantage of basing the film on a prior book.  

>> I'd suggest an in-team ranking and stat command which reports the
>> recent kill histories of all team members, the membership list etc.

> Yeah. All members of the team, the team score, the team rank (also
> listing all the other teams if desired, and their relative
> ranks). For members:

> Kills assisted in (by location) Kills assisted in (by damage) Prime
> kills (most damage done) Useful explosions (those that blow up
> enemies - and why not, explosions make for good ratings)

> Also worth mentioning that I may make points 'rating based', having
> things which make a kill 'aesthetically pleasing' and thus worth
> more.

Hurm.  I recall a driving game I saw a mate palying at Sun where the
game would award you points for particularly clever maneuvers.  I seem
to recall that the double barrel-roll off the top of one building with
a flat spin landing (while squishing some large number of pedestrians)
on the road below got me some large number of points.  There was
actually more fun in that game finding imaginative and peculiar ways
to torque the car than there was in actually playing the game...
>>>> Nahh.  Everybody is *ALWAYS* anonymous _except_ to members of
>>>> their own team.
>> > So the notion of 'names' doesnt even exist, except within teams?
>> My tendency would be for the global score board etc to list
>> "names", but for individual characters in-game to not resolve back
>> to their "names" except for team-mates.

> Yeah. *ponder*

Anything else sets individuals up as targets.

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