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J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Wed Apr 29 15:48:31 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Fri, 24 Apr 98 19:43:30 -0700 
Ben Greear<greear at cyberhighway.net> wrote:

> The two big questions are: what kind of data structure should I use
> for in-memory storage, and how to encode this for storage in a
> persistant storage mechanism.  I can see advantages of allowing only
> three vertices to protrude from any given node, but perhaps other
> systems are better?

I'd start off by spending a goodly while at the Stony Brook Algorithsm
site.  I'm a big fan of data structures representing their functional
requirements.  Good resources off the top of the cranium:


<<As taken from my bookmarks file>>

> There must be some standard way of representing this on disk, does
> anyone have any pointers??

Nope.  None at all.

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