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s001gmu at nova.wright.edu s001gmu at nova.wright.edu
Wed Apr 29 17:39:16 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998 s001gmu at nova.wright.edu wrote:

> As Jon Leonard pointed out a couple messages ago, PPM is pretty easy.
> Check out
>      <URL: http://www.dsc.ed.ac.uk/~mxr/gfx/2d/PPM.txt>
> for a full description of PPM format.
>      <URL: http://www.dsc.ed.ac.uk/~mxr/gfx/2d-lo.html>

> has a list of gobs of image formats. 
> LING: you may want to add that to the useful URLs section of the FAQ.
>       I know it's going in my bookmarks.  :)

These pages work MUCH better if you put in the correct address...  *blah*

sorry about that.  

If anyone STILL has problems, puh-lease lemme know... ;)


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