[MUD-Dev] Re: PK's: A solution?

Katrina McClelan kitkat at the486.bradley.edu
Wed Apr 29 19:31:24 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

> So why is this? I would suggest there are two reasons not generally noted:
> (1) PK's talk. It is bad enough to be killed by Plate Deewd without having
> to endure a string of misspelled profanity and insults.
> (2) You hold PC's to a higher standard of behavior than monsters, even if
> this is mostly a series unconsious reactions. These are other people, after
> all. Who *should know better*.

(3) Player Kill is often motivated by non-game issues.  MK is never for
anything but game issues (unless manipulated in which case it becomes PK).
(4) Monsters don't get excessive and kill repeatedly just for kicks.
(5) Monsters (at least in most MUDS, which in terms of survey results
makes this valid) do not track a player from the other side of the mud
unprovoked. (I've often pondered letting mobs just decide to "go kill
Bubba for kicks").

[snip methods]

Method 4 could be reincarnate normally.  When they die in game if they're
deemed unworthy to come back as human(oid) races, they come back as a
slime.  Provided you don't have Heroes such that a certain level implies
some degree of invulnerability, a PKer will have a short life expectancy.


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