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>> So why is this? I would suggest there are two reasons not generally
>> (1) PK's talk. It is bad enough to be killed by Plate Deewd without
>> to endure a string of misspelled profanity and insults.
>> (2) You hold PC's to a higher standard of behavior than monsters, even
>> this is mostly a series unconsious reactions. These are other people,
>> all. Who *should know better*.
>(3) Player Kill is often motivated by non-game issues.  MK is never for
>anything but game issues (unless manipulated in which case it becomes PK).

>(4) Monsters don't get excessive and kill repeatedly just for kicks.

I would tend to disagree having watched consumer muds like UO. I see PK as
just an extension of this "what do we kill next" mode which is rampant on

>(5) Monsters (at least in most MUDS, which in terms of survey results
>makes this valid) do not track a player from the other side of the mud
>unprovoked. (I've often pondered letting mobs just decide to "go kill
>Bubba for kicks").
>[snip methods]
>Method 4 could be reincarnate normally.  When they die in game if they're
>deemed unworthy to come back as human(oid) races, they come back as a
>slime.  Provided you don't have Heroes such that a certain level implies
>some degree of invulnerability, a PKer will have a short life expectancy.

You've got it! I think a few successful PK's can make a world very
exciting. You don't have to look very far in American (and other rowdy
places like Australia) to find a celebration of successful criminals. On
the other hand, the penalty for failure should be balanced by the rewards,
so I would go easy on PK's until their aura became so discolored that
needed to be extracted for a while and work their way back into the world.

>MUD-Dev: Advancing an unrealised future.

MUD-Dev: Advancing an unrealised future.

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