[MUD-Dev] RE: DOOM Gets a Storyline?

Koster Koster
Thu Apr 30 13:02:10 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

	On Thursday, April 30, 1998 2:05 PM Holly Sommer
[SMTP:hsommer at micro.ti.com] said:

	> I was reading the April 27th issue of Newsweek at the doctor's
	> today, and there was an article in there on DOOM, in which the
	> (Rob... ?? forget his last name) says, essentially, that
	> gets boring after awhile - you can only enjoy a BFG for so
long. Hee :)

	That would be John Romero, who is trying very hard to position
himself as a "rock star" in the world of computer gaming, playing off
his credits on games such as Doom. His startup, Ion Storm, has a sick
amount of funding. "Daikatana," the game referred to, nonetheless looks
a lot like, well, Doom, with a barebones linear plot that involves
shooting things.

	> Also, he said that he wants to effectively add a storyline to
DOOM. The 
	> tone of the article was muddled, but the overall piece was
	> so I'd recommend to everyone here to check it out.
	> -Holly

	It is fairly unusual to see computer games get this much
coverage in mainstream media, so it was interesting for that alone.


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