[MUD-Dev] Re: PK's: A solution?

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Thu Apr 30 14:57:40 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Tue, 28 Apr 1998 15:30:01 -0400 
Michael Hohensee<michael at sparta.mainstream.net> wrote:

> Shawn Halpenny wrote:

> This doesn't have to be a problem.  As I see it, the only way that
> the PK'ers can communicate with each other and their "victims" is to
> either speak-spam in certain patterns (one can see an entire
> language developing to use this system) or to execute certain
> strings of wear/remove/drop/get commands (isle of Laputa, anyone? 
> ;).  Of course, they might get onto a chat server or get together in
> person to beat up on poor Bubba, but if they're that determined,
> Bubba is screwed in any case.

Raph has already attested to the fact that PK gangs on UOL are well
coordinated via ICQ and other tools.  Brief wandering of UOL web sites
(Gadzooks what a Yahoo search returns!) supports this.

I'd also note this for the One-on-One game's tactics recently
discussed here.

> I think that the best feature of such a system is the way it will
> instill that "newbie magic" feeling in the players.  You never know
> which monster is *really* being directed by a PK'er if the monsters
> mimic them.  It gives back that sense of mystery about the MUD's
> inner workings.  Hell, even if I were to design and build such a
> system, I'd retain that sense of wonder (unless I were to install a
> trapdoor or key signal, but that's cheating).

I confess that I originally mistook Panda the Dragon on Northern
Lights for a player...

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