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Koster Koster
Thu Apr 30 19:03:45 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

	On Thursday, April 30, 1998 12:45 AM John Bertoglio
[SMTP:alexb at internetcds.com] said:
> >> On Mon, 27 Apr 1998 14:05:05 -0500 Koster,
> >> Raph<rkoster at origin.ea.com> wrote:
> >
> >>> I suspect the lengthy article in this month's WIRED magazine about
> >>> social ills in UO might pertain to the topic as well...
	> Being a great reporter is hard work. Being an average one is
pretty easy.
	> This is the direction the Wired article went. The went on and
on about
	> Richard Garriot (aka Lord British) who is goofy enough in his
personal life
	> to allow a writer to generate a lot of paragraphs without
saying much.
	> (Perhaps I chose the wrong profession...) Another story
followed with a
	> reporter keeping a diary of his adventures in UO. More
balanced in some
	> respects, but still full of the "pack journalism" stuff you
see elsewhere.
	> I really expected more from Wired.

	For what it's worth, the person who wrote the article, Amy Jo
Kim, is actually a very thoughtful and interesting person, whose article
was DRASTICALLY cut and slanted by the editors (I know, because I read
the original version). She's writing a forthcoming book called "Building
Communities on the Web" which should be out from Peachpit Press later
this year. UO has a chapter in it as a case study alongside E*Bay,
Amazon.com, and a few others. Having talked at length with her, I know
that her take on things is usually very academically-oriented (she was
teaching at Stanford on virtual communities earlier this year, in fact).
So don't take the article as a representation of her normal work. I urge
all of you to seek out anything she's done, it's VERY interesting. I
might be able to dig up some references, I think I have copies of some
of her other articles at home. Her website is at http://www.naima.com
and may have samples as well.


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