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Caliban Tiresias Darklock<caliban at darklock.com> wrote:

> ...Some of the suggested rules would be like, Eldar the Everstrong
> creates the mighty Sword of Dragon Slaying, which will decapitate
> any dragon with one swing! So he offers it to Bob the Wimpy, only to
> receive the message "You cannot give an item of this power directly
> to a player." So he goes, fine, I'll leave it somewhere and tell Bob
> to come and get it! Then he goes to drop the mighty sword in a room,
> and receives the message "This item is far too powerful to be left
> unguarded." So he has to construct a big powerful monster to guard
> it, which he does, and then drops the monster in the
> room. Cunningly, he then tells the monster to leave, but the monster
> refuses -- he's on guard duty!  So Eldar tries to kill the monster,
> but is told that he cannot directly assist in the destruction of his
> own guardians. And so on. And so forth.

First thought:

  1) Create super-weapon, and put guard on it.

  2) Create slightly less super weapon and put slightly wimpier 
     guard on it.

  3) Repeat #2 until until both weapon and guard are easily 
     killable by newbie

  4) Sic newbie on bottom level guard/weapon.

  5) Newbie uses each new weapon on next higher guard.

  6) See Newbie with super-weapon!

  7) Run newbie!  Run!


> This would probably be an interesting (and harrowing) experiment. A
> corollary might be, imagine if you let the first hundred people to
> log on to your Diku have level 55, or gave the first hundred people
> to log onto your TinyMUSH a wizbit. Basically, the people who join
> the MUD first get to define the MUD's shape and direction.

One of the common complaints (probably about 3th or 4th after free PK)
I've read in my brief web reading on UOL is that early players managed
to acquire stats, possessions (eg castles), and positions with some
ease (due to being there at the beginning) which are no extremely
difficult to acquire.  The complaint is that this temporal inequity is
somehoe "unfair".

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