[MUD-Dev] Re: There can be.. only ONE! (fwd)

Ling K.L.Lo-94 at student.lboro.ac.uk
Fri May 1 23:15:30 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

With regard to capturing rather than killing nmes:

Disregarding social(able) muds for a while - there is very little real
point in
capturing a member of the opposition because: there are no conventions
like in real wars (of the 'legal variety'); it only wastes the captive
person's time (respawn seems guarenteed) - waste 30 minutes of pretending
to be weak or waste 10 minutes re-equiping... ; and if I was captured, I'd
commit suicide and respawn back in (bite hard on that fake molar or

Perhaps you could give an incentive to capturing by imbuing characters
with information which might be valuable to opposing teams (like knowing
the last location of some of his team - maybe the current objectives (hard
to put in) and the last few communiques).  This kinda thing sort of
filters back into distinction of character and player entities...

PS: Re:FAQ, expect a drop-in replacement for Section 1.  Something I
stupidly overlooked considering all the developments with the list as of

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