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Koster Koster
Mon May 4 09:16:11 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Sunday, May 03, 1998 10:11 PM Dr. Cat [SMTP:cat at bga.com] Said:

>Mike Sellers wrote (and then I hand attributed 'cause my mailer 
>> I just skimmed Raph's comments on this.  I agree with him 
>> Amy Jo's article basically got eviscerated by the editors at 
>That is a shame.  Is the text of Amy's original version available
>anywhere, or would I have to ask her for it?  I know she has some
>interesting ideas herself about online environments and user 
interfaces -
>the two times I've spoken with her she had things to say that made me 
>think, which always makes me think well of a person.  She did some
>contract design work on Mplayer's user interface, and some other 
>as well.

I read an earlier draft that was lengthier, but I know that it changed 
substantially after that. It was up on the web, at a "secret" URL so 
that we at OSI could read it in advance for fact-checking... but it's 
gone now. But I know that much of the content of that article will be 
in her forthcoming book, as a case study of UO.

>I was a bit surprised to read the bit where it was mentioned that
>cannibalism was possible in the game.  Well I suppose it's one more 
>that adds to the roleplaying possibilities for the evil characters. 

Well, carving of corpses was possible, see, and once you got ribs, you 
could cook them, see, so it just sorta happened. :) That an an 
overzealous designer who thought chopping up corpses was cool. :)


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