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> While this is true in practice, AFAIK, it is not in
> theory. Intentions always sound like hot air, BUT... we intend to
> add an "Enforcer" type mob, for dealing with players that won't play
> nice, in whatever form. Specifically, those who insist on following
> the LETTER of whatever law, but not the SPIRIT thereof. Or those who
> have accured excessive bounty (which is gained through pstealing and
> attempted, but failed pkilling). The enforcer would be given a
> player's name, and set about to tracking them. In theory, the
> tracking would be across reboots, until the quarry is captured and
> dealt with, through whatever means.

M59 does something like this with their PK'ers.  From


If another player killed you -- and you were neither outlaw nor
murderer yourself when you died -- a ghostly revenant may be spawned
to avenge your death. This is a very powerful and relentless ghost
that will pursue your murderer until either the revenant or the
murderer is dead. (Bet on the revenant). The more powerful the
murderer was, the more powerful the revenant will be.

Revenants can't attack on holy ground such as temples or in safe zones
such as inns and shops. But they are very patient, and will remain
nearby while you are in such safe areas, resuming their pursuit the
moment you leave.


A quick web search suggests that techniques for avoiding and defeating
revenents are very well developed.


  M59 screenshots at


  show several interesting in-game abilities, from being able to walk
on water, to being able to stand *in* water, to the bugs apparently
all magically dissappearing once dead.  The ability to ford water
courses is a neat tough.

  Be very very thankful we're not doing list archives ala:


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