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> Hmm. Poisonous fogs. Poured from a high point, or seeping up from
> the ground.


  One of the more interestingly deadly gases is plain old carbon
dioxide.  (Yep, the stuff we breathe out).

There exist a number of locations Africa (for instance) where nearly
pure CO2 seeps from the ground and collects (its slightly veavier than 
air due to air's high nitrogen content etc) in hollows.  Any critter
stepping into such a seemingly pleasant hollow and taking more than a
couple breaths of is doomed.  The CO2 binds preferentially with
heamaglobin (that's how it gets to the lungs to get out of our bodies) 
effectively asphyxiating the poor beast in very short order.

Simple.  Effective.  Odourless.  Almost guaranteed fatal.  Rescue and
cure is ONLY possible if its caught within seconds (neural damage).  

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