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Wed May 6 13:50:00 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Mon, 4 May 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:


> On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Koster, Raph wrote:
> > [J C Lawrence:]
> <<...personal details deleted here...>>
> > I have begun to fear however that the list is also functioning to
> > dissuade as much advancement in the field as it is fostering it, by
> > burying its members in endless mental masturbation without ever having
> > them actually go out and produce that next great server/game/idea etc.

'endless mental masturbation'?  heh... interesting way of putting it.

I have noticed that I've spent far too much time thinking and writing
about it and not enough working on my project, so, come june 14th, I will
begin serious effort to *DO SOMETHING*  :)

I will note that since I have joined, I have completley scrapped my
original project, and started over from scratch, and have, in fact, made
some progress.  I think the big thing is that we need to set a date for
when _something_ has to be done... and right now I am aiming for end of
calendar year 1998.  We'll see if it pans out that way... :)
> Ah, the peril of the ivory tower. :) I doubt it is dissuading it, so much
> as it is simply reflecting what woul dhave happened anyway. So you've got
> a bunch of "great plan" people who at least are talking about their great
> plan. I don't know that any higher proportion of them would actually be
> putting it into practice if they DIDN'T have the list... do you? My
> impression has always been that theoreticians, well, theorize, and those
> who do, tend to just go do, rather than talk much about it. :) And then
> there's the few (as we do have some on the list) who did first, and
> conduct their endless post-mortems, like me. ;)

I think I might be even worse off if I hadn't joined up.  All this talk
has gotten me good and tired of it, and I'm more than ready to just do it
(to borrow from Nike).
> > We keep talking, and not one of us (notable minor exception of Chris
> > Gray) has yet to actually *produce* anything that has been released
> > since they joined the list.

heh... as I said.. lets wait until dec 1998 / jan 1999 and see if I can't
add my name to that list.  

I just need to get this pesky graduation thing out of the way first... and
then jobs and then moving off campus... and then... (blarg)


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