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> Mike Sellers wrote (and then I hand attributed 'cause my mailer
> doesn't):

>> I just skimmed Raph's comments on this.  I agree with him
>> wholeheartedly.  Amy Jo's article basically got eviscerated by the
>> editors at Wired.

> That is a shame.  Is the text of Amy's original version available
> anywhere, or would I have to ask her for it?  

It would seem not.  However I have invited her to the list, but she
appears buried in her book for now.  Perhaps when that's done she
might be more forthcoming.

> I was a bit surprised to read the bit where it was mentioned that
> cannibalism was possible in the game.  Well I suppose it's one more
> thing that adds to the roleplaying possibilities for the evil
> characters.  :X)

Cannibalism is necessarily "evil"?

Aside: I've recently coined the term "functional roleplaying" for the
sort of gaming, which while GoP motivated is heavily tailored to the
in-game reality.  There's no thee's and thou's, or even pretension of
IC/OOC seperation, but an awful lot of attention is spent by the
player in working his character thru the game realities rules as it
controls and affects his character.  Examples would enclude
negotiation of reputation and influence systems, votes, political
systems, clans and guilds and other similar structures, etc.
Appearance is not the key.  Function is.

Ling:  Might be a good tag to add to the FAQ.

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