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>On Sun, 3 May 1998 22:11:04 -0500 (CDT)
>Cat <cat at bga.com> wrote:
>> Mike Sellers wrote (and then I hand attributed 'cause my mailer
>> doesn't):
>>> I just skimmed Raph's comments on this.  I agree with him
>>> wholeheartedly.  Amy Jo's article basically got eviscerated by the
>>> editors at Wired.
>> That is a shame.  Is the text of Amy's original version available
>> anywhere, or would I have to ask her for it?
>It would seem not.  However I have invited her to the list, but she
>appears buried in her book for now.  Perhaps when that's done she
>might be more forthcoming.
>> I was a bit surprised to read the bit where it was mentioned that
>> cannibalism was possible in the game.  Well I suppose it's one more
>> thing that adds to the roleplaying possibilities for the evil
>> characters.  :X)
>Cannibalism is necessarily "evil"?

Mostly, just dangerous to your health which is why it is practiced so
rarely and then usually only in ritual situations.

>Aside: I've recently coined the term "functional roleplaying" for the
>sort of gaming, which while GoP motivated is heavily tailored to the
>in-game reality.  There's no thee's and thou's, or even pretension of
>IC/OOC seperation, but an awful lot of attention is spent by the
>player in working his character thru the game realities rules as it
>controls and affects his character.

An excellent term. Learning what "works" in a game universe is essentially
roleplaying. The role might not fit into a traditional mold, but it is a
role none the less.

>Examples would enclude
>negotiation of reputation and influence systems, votes, political
>systems, clans and guilds and other similar structures, etc.
>Appearance is not the key.  Function is.

What grows out of these interactions is the kind of roleplaying that many
people on this list advocate. Give a world enough time and you will see
roleplaying emerge as kind of a "last frontier".
>Ling:  Might be a good tag to add to the FAQ.

While you are at it, definitions of the following would help the terminally
clueless, like myself:

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I tried searching the archvies but you can imagine what happened.

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