[MUD-Dev] Some essays I've written lately

Koster Koster
Fri May 8 11:21:49 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

These may be of interest, prompted as they were by much of the 
discussion on similar topics here on MUD-Dev. (In fact, I even 
reference JCL as "mud designer and theoretician" which in light of my 
remarks about theory here might be misconstrued as negative! Oops.)

In any case... they should be read in this order if anyone is 
interested. They are lengthy so I didn't think I should post them on 
the list unless there is interest in discussing details. They are 
aimed not at a designer audience, but rather an a *player* audience 
and thus you may find them somewhat elementary in some areas.

A Story About A Tree - http://update.owo.com/essay1.shtml
What Rough Beast? - http://update.owo.com/essay2.shtml
Who Are These People Anyway? - http://update.owo.com/essay3.shtml
So Let's Get Practical... - http://update.owo.com/devcomm.shtml

By Monday, the latter URL will probably be essay4.shtml instead, and a 
new fifth essay will be at the URL I gave.


MUD-Dev: Advancing an unrealised future.

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