[MUD-Dev] We're Tiny, we're Toonie, we're all a little Loonie!

Ling K.L.Lo-94 at student.lboro.ac.uk
Sat May 9 15:20:23 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

A random musing more than anything, as you may be aware, I am always
sketching out game designs, here's one I thought might be worth posting:


The world is set in Tooniverse composed of Toon Town, Toon Island, and
  so on, which itself resides within the airwaves (that is, they live
  inside televisions & the medium with which telly piccies are broadcast).

Take for granted pc == npc == Toons.  Toonicide is not actually possible.

Occassionally, an Outsider may be sucked into Tooniverse.  Outicide is
  not the done thing, afterall, they're the viewers.  (with the exception
  of Evil Toons who are ... Evil)

There are X number of glass panels in and about Tooniverse which represent
  cameras tooned in.  Some panels are stationary, some float around,
  popular Toons have their own floating panels.

All Toons know the whereabouts of panels.  (Toons with their own panels
  become a target, see below.)

Toons do not die as such but go out of the frame for anything between
  seconds to minutes depending upon severity of damage inflicted with a
  logarithmic relationship (of say, base 3).

Toons learn how to roll with the blow, reducing time taken to come back
  into the frame or stand dazed with stars/birds/elephants spinning around.

All Toons gain Loonies at a rate proportional to the amount of laughs they
  obtain which is dictated by the glass panel (camera) hovering near most

Loonies can be used to purchase hammers, set traps, do Toonie things to
  objects only Toons can do.

Not sure wot I'm rambling on about.  Though the design is somewhat

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