[MUD-Dev] How to handle log-outs in a totally dynamic world.

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Sun May 10 21:47:43 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

As I've posted before, I'm working on a space game which will be constanly
moving foward.  In other words, no static world to reboot to, reboot to
the last saved image (a whole other can or worms!).

I am going to try the model where the players are always in the game,
even when logged out.  There will be safer spots than others to stow
your craft and belongings, but nothing is guaranteed.

Another issue is that I want politics and the economy to be a live
thing (In other words, build an empire, a giant Conglomerate, or
both, or none...)  I will have NPC empires and corporations, but I hope
that these will come to play a minor role once the game matures for
a couple of months.

So, how to pull this off?  It needs to be fair, and at the same time,
just because one is logged off shouldn't mean they are invulnerable
or invisible to the game.

My current plan is to allow them to set certain flags and attributes
to determine how they react.  These will be suggestions only, and the
server will be the final arbiter.  If someone plays an asshole of a
character, then I'm not going to let them set attributes to be a totally
nice guy when logged out....

Basically, I'll use the same AI engine for the logged off characters
as I would for the NPC characters.  Might tweak things a little, but
hopefully I won't have to.

I would be interested to hear other's opinions and experiences on this


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