[MUD-Dev] Re: How to handle log-outs in a totally dynamic world.

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Mon May 11 18:48:09 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Mon, 11 May 1998, Richard Woolcock wrote:

> Ben Greear wrote:
> > 
> > As I've posted before, I'm working on a space game which will be constanly
> > moving foward.  In other words, no static world to reboot to, reboot to
> > the last saved image (a whole other can or worms!).
> This is what I currently have ;)  The trouble is, I don't yet have any way
> to get rid of stuff cluttering up the world...I haven't dared to upload the
> latest version of the code, for fear of having the world turn into a huge
> graveyard full of rotting corpses and body parts.

I'm gonna let miners mine the debris from exploded space stations :)
It'll be worth it to keep the space clean of junk, which, at several
hundred thousand miles an hour, could put quite a dent on your nice
new beamer :)

> Well, you *could* start the world/universe in a state of anarchy, and
> carefully manipulate players into forming their own corporations.  You
> could even start players off within certain 'groups', and then just
> allow them to build UP their empires.

I like better the idea that space is already colonized by varied races.
Humans start at the bottom, as always, and would then have to work their
way up.  Nothing like zenophobia to draw a croud :P

> This is a good excuse for things like sleep, occupations, and so on.  When
> the player types 'quit', the character could then follow its own priorities.
> Thus, when Bubba's player spends 3 game days exploring (ignoring the fact 
> that Bubba is really tired), then finally quits, Bubba would go to sleep.
> Upon waking, Bubba would get some food, then go to work - earning some money
> for when Bubba's player game back online.  This means that if Bubba the
> shopkeeper's player is on during the night, and Boffo the robber is on during
> the day, they wouldn't ever meet as 'players' until the fateful night that 
> Boffo decides to rob the shop, just as Bubba's player is logging on...
> Combined with player recognition, this *really* starts to distort the 
> differences between mobs and players.

I like that....gonna let it perculate a bit more...

> > Basically, I'll use the same AI engine for the logged off characters
> > as I would for the NPC characters.  Might tweak things a little, but
> > hopefully I won't have to.
> I believe this was discussed quite a long time ago...the real problem IMO
> is how to deal with PK (or even accidental death) when the player is not
> logged on (particularly if you have permanent death).  How would you feel
> if you logged on your several-month-old character, only to find you had
> died?  This would be a particular problem for me, as I am using a WoD 

It would definately pay to find an out of the way asteroid to dock to, and
shut down all external power emmissions :)

> KaVir.
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