[MUD-Dev] Re: Using HTML for a Mud character generator

John Bertoglio alexb at internetcds.com
Wed May 13 00:01:15 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

In reading the archives, I noted some interest using a web-based system for
generating characters. Given the web-based nature of my project, it is a
natural for me to explore this method. I have put a sample of a portion of
the character generator for AR on my demo site ( www.paper.net/mud/ ).
Unlike the rest of the site, this one actually works in Netscape (V4, at
least) as well as IE 4. The JavaScript which drives it is somewhat
inelegant but it works. The idea is to let players juggle their numbers
before they create a character. The form validation code insures the player
does not send impossible numbers. (For those not into this portion of
technology...validating the data in the web form _before_ it is submitted
saves wear and tear on the server and more important, the user. No one
wants to fill out a huge form and have an error message come up saying you
entered an invalid postal code.) It is currently incomplete since it does
not force minimum stat values or enforce maximums. This will come along
with adding the initial skill allocation. This is about as close as I want
to get to C++ or Java.

Of course the server will have to make the same checks as the JS in the
form so players with HTML savvy can't create monster characters by
overriding the internal limits. This hacking element makes the backend work
so much more complicated than it really needs to be.....

Once submitted, the form is parsed by functions in the dbase language which
read the form vars and write them to disk. The charcter profile is built
and sent back to the user to verify and flesh out some more. If they like
what they see, a new character is born into the world. Otherwise, they say
no, the fellow is deleted and they start again.

Any member of the list who would like to poach the code may feel free to do
so. I would be honored (while at the same time somewhat suprised...it is
pretty simple.).

This is just one method of character creation we will support. The more
popular option (I speculate) will be the template based characters with
generic life histories. These will have skill and stat bundles which will
be skewed enough to make them somewhat more desirable than custom
characters for many people.

Another is the option to take over a NPC or Feature NPC. These will exist
in a pool of 50 to 100 characters. They will be available for grouping,
solo play, etal. They will be better developed than a newbie character
without the ability to grow or be persistant from session to session. Their
eq will be "stapled" to them to avoid players from ripping them off. A fun
thing about the NPC's is you may round up a bunch and go dungeon cruising
when a few disappear to become controlled by guest players or others in a
round robin fashion. This should keep the world active while allowing
citizens (paid players) advantages which make a financial commitment to the
world worthwhile.

John Bertoglio

MUD-Dev: Advancing an unrealised future.

MUD-Dev: Advancing an unrealised future.

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