[MUD-Dev] Re: mudschools

Mike Sellers mike at bignetwork.com
Thu May 14 06:22:23 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

My main issue with mudschools, fwiw, is that they are like the long
exposition at the beginning of a second-rate novel or disaster movie.  You
know, where the author spends a lot of time introducing characters via
vignettes that really do nothing to propel the story forward.  This may be
somewhat interesting to newbies (it's deathly boring to experienced
players, of course), but even they I suspect end up in an "okay let's get
_on_ with it" mode by the time it's over -- not a good way to start the
game. =20

I think there has to be a better way to introduce players to the structure,
mechanics, and culture of a MUD... but it's likely to be a lot harder to
design and maintain than a fairly static, artificial mudschool.


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