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> On Mon, 11 May 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:

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>> > On Mon, 4 May 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:

>> A friend, currently a missionary in China (last I heard I he was
>> ducking bullets just off Tianimen Square), came up with the term to
>> tag most of what goes on in Usenet.

> Best of luck to him.  I was a bit shaken up when I was flying out of
> Seoul, and we taxied past guard towers with machine guns and armed
> guards on patrol.

Yep.  He told stories of stting in his school compound listening to
the bullets from the square and competing army battallion encampments
(one at either end of the road he was on) whine overhead.

Just heard -- he's now back in Florida, finally married, kids, and
teaching scool again.  Not as many bullets whining overhead there.
> I wonder if part of the problem comes from the standards on this
> list being as high as they are.  

We have a well establish devil's advocate tradition.

> Well, at least that's something I've run into.  On more than a
> couple occasions I've not posted things because I felt they were
> sub-par for the list... not that the ideas were bad, but that they
> weren't thought out as well as they could have been, and I wouldn't
> be doing the list any good by posting them "half baked", as it were.

Umm, I'd sorta wish you had posted them.  Even bad ideas are useful if
only to react against and to identify as bad ideas.  Partial ideas
come into the same camp for the same reasons -- they're partial and so
can be compleated and extended by the rest of the membership in
interesting and potentially unexpected ways.

The idea is not for use to be exchanging learned tomes of ideal
truth.  The idea is "development", "progress", "change" and all that
other good stuff.  

There is of course the concern of noise.  Partially baked concepts can
be noise when posted.  I've written quite a few posts of late which I
never sent because I found them logically flawed in the middle of
writing them (typically I'd start argeing a position I then found
unsupportable).  Judgement call -- use your own discretion.

> I probably have about a half-dozen half composed messages sitting in
> my home dir on my account here, waiting for enough time/energy to
> finish them and post them.


I'm still fighting to get my reply-pointer within 100 messages of my

>> Mechanical proofs to the side, methinks I'm going to have to give
>> up the nicer features of time travel.  Its a gorgeous concept, but
>> without massive RAM, or incredible bandwidth to the backing store,
>> its just not going to happen at the leve I need/want.  I'm looking
>> currently at limiting it to concious object's IO for the longer
>> term, and killing everything else within hours (ie cache rollouts).

> Bummer.  :( I was looking forward to seeing it in action.  Mayhaps
> in another couple of years, when technology has taken a few more
> astronomical leaps (forward?).

Bandwidth!  If I can't accomplish it thru data selection, compression
and algorithmic generation, then I'm just gonna have to have the
bandwidth.  Its coming.  Its not here yet, but its coming.  I really
want this feature -- it will utterly change both the character of the
game world, and any social and cultural attempts in it.

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