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Richard Woolcock KaVir at dial.pipex.com
Thu May 14 19:34:51 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Ling wrote:
> On Wed, 13 May 1998, John Bertoglio wrote:
> >
> > The idea of pre-built intro scenarios is great. Since our character
> > creation process is quite long and detailed (the stuff on the
> > www.paper.net/mud/ site is just a small portion), we will use fully
> > developed NPCs and chunks cut out of the world to train newbies in.
> Yep, that was just what I was thinking of.  There are several muds I've
> been to where I lost interest because character creation took more than 5
> seconds.  (hey, I admit it, I have no attention span, gimme that Ristlin
> :)

That is something my players complained about when I implemented a complex
character creation system...to get around it, I modified the system so that
after a player has entered their name and password they can select from a 
number of preset concepts* OR choose to customise their character completely.
The quick route only requires typing a name (confirm), password (confirm), 
concept and gender, while the long route reqires the above details as well as 
exact attributes, abilities, appearance, and so on (it takes about 5 minutes 
to create a character the long way).

*Concepts are sort of like classes, but not quite.  A concept gives you a
 set of predefined (although slightly fuzzy) attributes and abilities at
 creation time.  This means that while customised characters have an
 advantage initially (assuming the player knows what they are doing), in
 the long run both systems create equally powered characters.

My original plan was to have a login menu sort of like:

   Please select one of the following:

   [1] I know nothing about muds, or don't want to spend ages creating a
       character.  I just want a fairly good all-round character which I
       can specialise later, as I get used to the game.

   [2] I know roughly what area of skill I want to specialise in, but I 
       don't want to go into great detail.  Just give me a list of stero-
       typical character classes so that I can choose one.

   [3] I want to customise what my character can and can't do, right down
       to the attributes and abilities, but I'm not interested in wasting
       time choosing what I look like, what I wear, etc.

   [4] I want to fully customise every aspect of my character.

I may still do it, if I get the time (which means its pretty unlikely ;)


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