[MUD-Dev] Re: mudschools

jacob langthorn jlangthorn at towertechinc.com
Fri May 15 19:56:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Forgive my naivete but why have a school at all. All mud's have zones,
whether they called dungeons or cities is irrelevant. Why not have a
starting city that is just like the rest of the world only tame, and
then a main city for every one else. By this I mean in the tame city the
guards are more likely to over look overt acts were in the main city
they act as you would expect. This is only one example of how to scale
the environment for new players. This tame city would allow a new player
to discover how the world works and get basic equipment while not being
in to serious threat of death. To provide a lure for senior players to
come back to the city and be examples and answer questions I would place
something extraordinary there such as a half price healer or some such
thing depending on the genre. Just an idea.

The lost one.
Jacob Langthorn
Systems Manager
Jlangthorn at toertechinc.com

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