[MUD-Dev] META: Lost messages

J C Lawrence claw at greek.kanga.nu
Sun May 17 19:05:08 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Writing as list owner:  

  Unfortunately 6 messages decided to arrive at the very instant I was
moving things about and re-indexing, and were lost.  No, I don't have
record of who sent them, or what they were about.  The log entries are
amazingly brief considering that the system was, umm, rather ill for
those 5 minutes.  

  Guess that teaches me not to try and take the fast dangerous root
with system maintenance.
  The last message correctly recieved was the terse comment from Dr
Cat on Titani'c demise.  Please re-send any messages you sent
previously that didn't get echoed back to you -- they got lost.

  My apologies for the inconvenience.

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