[MUD-Dev] Titanic's demise (was Re: MURKLE: Wot it is)

Mike Sellers mike at bignetwork.com
Sun May 17 20:40:15 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

At 04:42 PM 5/17/98 -0500, Dr. Cat wrote:
>> NetStorm is in the bargain bin, so you can pick it up for $10 or so, I
>> bet. I also hear that Titanic folded last week, but that may be just a
>> rumor.
>Yes, Titanic did go out of business.

Sigh.  Any other details?  Any post mortem? =20

That was another interesting aspect of this year's CGDC: a lot of people
and companies were no longer around, and a *LOT* of small developers were
there, hat in hand (more than the usual).  I asked at one roundtable for
predictions for next year, and someone said, "all the same people here, but
we all have different jobs." :-)

Treating the avant garde aspects of online games (in which I include most
very cool concepts, including most muds) as an avocation makes more and
more sense to me, I'm sad to say.  Muds as hobbies are by no means dead, if
that makes anyone feel any better -- and soon many of those hobbyist muds
will be run by people with industry experience. :-)


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