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	 I last wrote 

	Forgive my naivete but why have a school at all. All mud's have
	whether they called dungeons or cities is irrelevant. Why not
have a
	starting city that is just like the rest of the world only tame,
	then a main city for every one else. By this I mean in the tame
city the
	guards are more likely to over look overt acts were in the main
	they act as you would expect. This is only one example of how to
	the environment for new players. This tame city would allow a
new player
	to discover how the world works and get basic equipment while
not being
	in to serious threat of death. To provide a lure for senior
players to
	come back to the city and be examples and answer questions I
would place
	something extraordinary there such as a half price healer or
some such
	thing depending on the genre. Just an idea.

	Butt upon further reflection I determined that this didn't say
anything new, for this I apologize.  What I was trying to get at is that
why create an artificial subset of the world to train in. by using the
"Newbie City" and getting more senior players involved you can reduce
the demand on staff.  It's been my experience on muds that many of the
senior players are already adopting the role of mentors ( yes even to
total strangers). I think that this is something that ought to be
capitalized upon.  The "Newbie City" also allows you to implement many
of the Ideas brought up in the recent list postings, such as delayed
class choosing and so on. It gives the new player a chance to explore
the basic mechanics of the system as well as see what the world is all
about. The area could have its own channel so as to minimally impact the
players in the rest of the world. You could also have a message board
that listed the exploits of players, basically a chance for players to
post their logs. This board would serve as a tutorial yes but It would
be written from the players perspective and therefore more likely to be
interesting to read and less fourth grade.
	The lost one.
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MUD-Dev: Advancing an unrealised future.

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