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>At 07:41 PM 5/15/98 MST, Chris Gray wrote:
>>Is it too much to hope that the PK-ers would tend to leave the non-levellers
>>alone, since they really aren't worth it? Unless of course they are *really*
>>ticked off, but then they are effectively role-playing in their killing!
>I have been on 2 muds in which PK was a big issue: Dark Castle and Arctic.
 In Dark Castle you got *NO* point reward for killing other players, and
the only disadvantage of dieing from a PK attack was sitting in the temple
waiting for your wounds to heal and having to recast all your spells on
yourself.  In Arctic you often LOST tons of points from killing players and
risked being nuked if you killed too often.  But on both muds the killing
was rampant and often used for bulling, posturing, revenge, stealing, or
just being beligerent.  Not that none of that isn't all good and fun...
it's just that if people can kill each other in a game they will, even with
no scooby snak forthcoming.
>	Orion
>PS: I fondly recall an incident on Arctic ( where at the time killing many
or killing newbies could get one nuked ) where a powerful player announced
that he was giving away tons of the best gear in the game.  In the next 30
seconds half the mud population (mostly newbies) came rushing to meet him.
He then cast a spell that kills anyone in the room you are in or any of the
adjoining rooms, and whiped them all out... why?  Probobly just got in a
fight with his girlfriend or something and this was more legal than taking
out a K-Mart with an uzi...  :/

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