[MUD-Dev] Re: Using HTML for a Mud character generator

John Bertoglio alexb at internetcds.com
Mon May 18 21:48:56 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

From: Vadim Tkachenko <vt at freehold.crocodile.org>
To: mud-dev at kanga.nu <mud-dev at kanga.nu>
Date: Monday, May 18, 1998 6:46 PM

>John Bertoglio wrote:
>> In reading the archives, I noted some interest using a web-based system
>> generating characters. Given the web-based nature of my project, it is a
>> natural for me to explore this method. I have put a sample of a portion
>> the character generator for AR on my demo site ( www.paper.net/mud/ ).
>Looks too technical. What I was dreaming about was a constraint-based
>fractal-like visualization, which you can manipulate without any numbers
>at all (though, in this particular case numbers are significant).

Now I know I have fallen down the rabbit hole. My modest system uses a
little arithmatic to do some basic spreadsheets. Vadim is talking about
fractal-like visualization"...and my stuff is too technical? I have only
the vaguest idea of what he is talking about. I will have to look at the
archives for fractals. While from this group, "too technical" is high
praise, I must bow my head as unworthy!

>application was a little bit different, though - I was thinking not
>about the generator, but rather about a player stats visualization.

In general I believe in supressing stats. Damage adjetives should reflect a
randomized value of the potential for that kind of attack, etc. I wrestled
with the notion of not allowing it during char gen but decided that
character tweeking is too important a part of the for a lot of people. Even
those who don't want to see numbers later in the game. Of course, pre-made
and template characters along with "you-run-em" NPCs will also be available
for those who want to just jump in.

We use bar graphs for stat display with different colors describing base
and current stats. A player who really cares can look at the html source
and work back to get reasonably accurate ratios...but in general the stats
are masked. When looking at another character, your various assesment and
perception skills produce a picture of what you think their stats are. This
will never be exactly accurate (except by accident) and with the deviation
based on skill level. Gauging an opponent many times will bring a more
accurate picture (through visual interpolation). However, each time you
gauge an opponent this fact is report to him or her. Too much attention can
lead to ruffled feelings and unsheathed blades.

I am considering reporting combat results with bars or other shapes with
the size or color or shape or number or all of the above reportings
results. Poor example:
Your ax hits Bubba. He sees ****.  where * is a Tiny Toon style star (or
bird, anvil, etc.)
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