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Orion Henry orionZ at ix.netcom.com
Tue May 19 06:12:27 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

At 02:04 PM 5/18/98 -0400, D. B. Brown wrote:

>Why not let the player decide?  The system I'm contemplating
>for my mud is a bit simpler -- everything goes into the queue,
>unless the command is followed by 'now'.  In that case, the
>queue is cleared (and current action is aborted if allowed), and
>the 'now' command executed immediately.
>        > get ring
>        You pick up the hematite ring.
>        > cast enchantment of clear thought on ring
>        You begin casting the spell.
>        Bubba enters the room.
>        Bubba begins attacking you.
>        > zap wand of fire at bubba now
>        You end your spell before completion!  Your body is
>        pierced by escaping magical energy!
>        You burn Bubba's head to a crisp with your wand of fire.
>        Bubba dies.
>        > say whew.
>Actions which include code for being aborted is also a key to
>this system.

What I am doing is very similar but I have them use a (!).  This dosnt
clear the queue, it only lets that command take cuts.

> open the door, get the hat, eat the bread, and walk the dog
You open the door.
You get the hat.
A sack of gold coins hits the ground.
> get sack!
You get the sack of gold coins.
You eat the bread.
You walk the dog.

This is mostly used to do menial actions in a life or death situation.

Bubba slashes at you and you duck out of the way.
> pick nose
You can pick your nose later!
> pick nose!
You pick your nose.
Bubba sticks you with his sword.


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