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jacob langthorn<jlangthorn at towertechinc.com> wrote:

> Some friends and I are toying with the idea of building a mud that
> has both admin and player control. Admin control is largely
> traditional in that it encompasses building and repairing. The
> player control we are talking about is along the following lines.

> 1. As players advance they will have the ability to become town
> mayor's or local lords. 

Not meaning to cut the thread short, but you may want to check the
archives (I should have search working properly some time this
afternoon) for "Rank Points".  Also search on the work "king" (I think
that's right, might have been "tax"), for an old thread about player
elective systems and power migration.

> 2. We would also like the world to be dynamic to some degree.
> Meaning new areas to be explored and developed as well as older
> areas being invaded or following into disuse.

Outside of the obvious problem of people having to design the new
areas, another common problem is topicality.  Sure you have a hot new
sexy area, but the only place left in your world to put it is 500
miles from the nearest centre of population.  Few are going to find
it, and even fewer are going to want to make the trek all the way out
there.  Conversely, that old area next to the city is showing its age, 
is almost utterly ignored except for newbies, and can't be replaced.

There's a lot to say for player-built and maintained environments.
You essentially create an ecology of areas.  Players build their own
building and lands, and if they are popular, maintain them.  If they
are unpopular, they fall into disuse, are not maintained, or are
overtaken by more aggressive and well funded players who set up their
own deal for the cycle to repeat.

MUD urban renewal.

> Basically my question is has this been attempted and if so where do
> I look? And am I totally off my rocker for wanting to do this. By
> the way the actual idea is much more detailed and I will post more
> if others are interested.

Please do.

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